Storytelling at LiveLit in Chicago, IL, March, 2020

One the set for filming of CCAR's Recovery Storytelling video series, June, 2020, with Retrospective Films

With My Collaborator, Friend, and Mentor Andrea Lovett

The cast of Moving Stories at The Dance Complex, December, 2017

Why Tell Stories?

Storytelling is a powerful tool for connection and change...

I threw my name in the hat at my first Moth Story Slam in 2016. I told a story about being a risk-taker all my life, from breaking both arms riding horses as a kid, to chasing a drug high into back alleys and jail cells and almost into the morgue. I left the stage to thunderous applause, and I won first place. People came up to me after the show to share their own stories about addiction and recovery.


I realized I was on to something. Storytelling allowed me to share creatively and entertainingly, but still pack the punch of the recovery advocacy and criminal justice reform that I’d been passionate about doing as a public speaker for years. I found I could reach a whole new audience, and that it could be used for any type of message or cause. A new passion was ignited. I rekindled my love for theater and my Theatre Education degree and have been working with these two mediums ever since. 

I've used the power of stories and storytelling in countless ways, bringing people together and strengthening communities in the process. It's an incredible way to help people become empowered, connected, and to find hope and healing, whether for substance use prevention, recovery support, education, or social justice.

Some of the organizations I've worked with:

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