Empowerment, Connection, Healing and Hope through

Recovery Coaching and Creative Theater and Storytelling



I'm fortunate to have projects to work on during Covid-19. I hope everyone is staying as safe and healthy as possible!

  • Virtual Recovery Storytelling! A six-hour, online version of the classic curriculum bringing together people impacted by Substance Use Disorder to creatively explore their stories and be empowered to share them in new ways.

  • Virtual Storytelling for any audience: The Recovery Storytelling curriculum adapted to meet the needs of other populations and organizations, like mental health, collegiate recovery, medical providers, and more.

  • A new play for recovery audiences coming in 2021! I'm co-writing an original play with Elizabeth Addison on the stages of change in the recovery process, for the Improbable Players, to be shown at treatment facilities and recovery organizations. Stay tuned for opportunities to see it...

  • Want to learn how to be a Recovery Coach, or enhance your art of coaching? I'm available to facilitate the full suite of CCAR's Recovery Coach Academy courses. Contact me at mpsrox@live.com or use the contact form on this website to find out more about booking me for your training event.

Check out this blog by CCAR's Executive Director, Phil Valentine, on the future of Recovery Storytelling and our partnership together in moving this work forward: https://ccar.us/storyteller-recovery-coach-role-11/


Meet Meghann

 There is always hope... 


       I felt hopeless most of my life, weighed down with depression and anxiety, and then drugs and alcohol. I was living a lifestyle I hated, and I couldn’t find my way out. 


       I spent over twenty years fighting a Substance Use Disorder and bouncing in and out of jails, detoxes and homeless shelters. I'd been told more than once in my journey that I would die from my addiction. But I never gave up hope and I never stopped trying. 


       Today, I'm in long term recovery, with an amazing, beautiful life that I never thought I could have. Today, it's my passion to help others find hope, healing, connection and empowerment to lead healthier, happier lives through recovery coaching, theater and storytelling experiences. 

The Power of Stories


Connecting, empowering, and healing.

Through storytelling we celebrate the ability of the human spirit to overcome, survive, and thrive, and we build resilient, connected, and compassionate communities. Amazing things happen when people are empowered to find and use their voices to change themselves and their communities, helping others to do the same along the way. Through creative, energetic, collaborative storytelling workshops, participants can discover the joy and power of telling their stories, find healing, hope and connection, and gain a new understanding of themselves, their communities, and the world. We've never needed that more than we do now. 

Find out more about storytelling workshops:

Families For Justice As Healing, Testifying at the MA State House for Primary Caretakers Legislation in 2017

Recovery Storytelling

Where Advocacy and Art Meet

Recovery Storytelling combines the art form of personal narrative storytelling with the goals of recovery messaging and advocacy to help anyone impacted by substance use disorder, families, loved ones and allies, to create compelling, powerful stories with deep impact and universal appeal.

Recovery Storytelling Group At Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery May 2019

So what is Recovery Storytelling? These videos are excellent examples, from a joint project between Phoenix Tales, Retrospective Films, and CCAR, in June, 2020...

Recovery Coaching: Helping People and Families Get Well
Promoting Health and Wellness

Substance Use Disorder is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Recovery coaching approaches the disease of addiction in a holistic manner, recognizing that the disorder is complex and affects all aspects of our being. A recovery coach can help you find the pathway that's right for you, and support you in creating a strong foundation for lifelong recovery. 

The philosophies, principles and approaches of recovery coaching can also be applied in other ways, such as in my storytelling workshops. Tap the button below to learn more. 



Calendar Dates

With live events postponed indefinitely, I've been working on creating virtual workshops, including the following:


August 26-28, 2020: Recovery Storytelling online with students at University of Connecticut

September 10-24, 2020: Recovery Storytelling online with the Depression-Bipolar Support Alliance of Boston

September 28-Oct 7, 2020: Recovery Storytelling Video Project with CCAR and Retrospective Films


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