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"This workshop has changed my life. I knew I liked telling my story in meetings, but had no idea how to take recovery messaging out of the rooms. Andrea Lovett and Meghann Perry’s workshop taught me how to do it-and be ENTERTAINING at the same time. I recommend this cool art form to anyone!"  


-- Amanda, Phoenix Tales storyteller

I am an addiction recovery coach, family coach, speaker, storyteller, actor, teaching artist and activist.

As a state Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, I work with adolescents, men and women who have substance use disorders, helping them navigate early recovery and helping them build a foundation for long term recovery. I also work with their families to teach them how to better support their loved one's path of recovery. I am available for interventions to assist families in convincing their loved ones in active addiction to enter treatment. I am available in Eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the Greater Boston area.


As a speaker for the last five years I’ve shared my own journey with addiction, incarceration and recovery, on the topics of mass incarceration and addiction in society, and as an advocate for the national recovery movement. I’ve been a panelist and speaker at Wellesley College, Harvard Law School, and the State House. I’ve been featured on the radio and in print countless times, and in the CBS News documentary, “Faith, Hope and the Burden of Addiction.”


I fell in love with storytelling when I went to my first Moth story slam and I’ve been at it ever since, winning many competitions and being featured as a guest in many venues, including Massmouth and WGBH’s collaboration, Stories from the Stage, and the PRX Podcast Garage.


For the past two years I have been studying storytelling and its ability to empower, connect and heal people, particularly those most affected by addiction and incarceration. I design and facilitate storytelling workshops for people in recovery and families struggling with a loved one’s substance use disorder, as well as workshops teaching professional storytellers how to work with this population and use positive recovery messaging in their work. I am the co-creator and co-facilitator of Phoenix Tales Recovery Storytelling, a workshop series teaching the art of storytelling to people impacted by substance use disorder. Check out South Shore Peer Recovery for more info. 

I am co-director of the Moving Stories Foundation, a nonprofit that seeks to empower women by creating unique performances of dance and storytelling using their own stories of incarceration, addiction and recovery.

I am an actor and teaching artist with the Improbable Players, a theater troupe of actors in long term recovery who perform plays about substance use in schools. The troupe opens up a dialogue about substance use and candidly shares their own experience with addiction and recovery in response to students' questions. I also teach workshops to students and teach theater at Ostiguy Recovery High School in Boston.


I serve on the Advisory Council of the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services’ Journey Project, a web-based resource for women navigating pregnancy, motherhood and substance use disorder recovery. I assist with content development and provide information and support, as well as being one of the Journey moms featured in videos on the site.

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