Recovery Coaching

Substance Use Disorder is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Recovery coaching approaches the disease of addiction in a holistic manner, recognizing that the disorder is complex and affects all aspects of our being.


The comprehensive approach that coaching offers is unlike more traditional modalities and is designed to compliment them, not replace them. Coaching is like the hub of a wheel, keeping the spokes connected and in line with each other.


As a coach I work with the other members of the team — therapists, substance use counselors, psychiatrists, doctors, inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities, recovery community centers, community support services, and support people like family members and friends. We work together to determine what you have for recovery capital — your strengths in recovery — and what you need to work on.


I will help you set goals, identify the steps that need to be taken to reach them, and hold you accountable to those steps. We identify support people. I work closely with your family and loved ones, and hold monthly family meetings where you and your family members can discuss successes and concerns.


A coach is also a mentor, guide, and cheerleader, someone to walk along beside you, to offer hope and encouragement, as you navigate all the challenges of early recovery. A strong foundation is needed to sustain long term recovery from Substance Use Disorder. We build that foundation, brick by brick.


The family is a critical part of a person’s recovery journey. Substance Use Disorder is known as a “family disease,” and everyone is affected by their loved one’s illness. The family needs to have their own, parallel recovery process in order to best support their loved one’s return to health. Everyone needs guidance and healing on the journey to wellness, not just the person seeking recovery.


I offer family coaching both in tandem with recovery coaching, or as a separate service for those whose loved ones aren’t ready to receive the support of a coach. Sometimes the only thing a family member can do is concentrate on their own wellness, and learn how best to interact with, and support, their loved one who is suffering with the disease of addiction, until they are ready to seek help.


I also conduct post-overdose interventions, assessing needs, accessing services, and engaging with the client to encourage complicity with treatment recommendations.

If in-person coaching is not possible, I offer phone coaching as well, with both hourly and monthly package options. 


Please feel free to contact me to learn more about how I can help you or your loved one recover.


Emerson College: Bachelor's of Science in Theater Education, 1995


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Massachusetts CARC: Certified Addiction Recovery Coach Designation Achieved, September 2017

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