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Team Building for Recovery Organizations

Building true collaboration across the full spectrum of your workforce!

Tight-knit teams don’t just happen. Staffing shortages, high turnover, burnout, misunderstanding of roles and disciplines, and disagreement over best approaches can bog an organization down, leading to poor performance, poor outcomes, and - most importantly - poor impact on those they serve. 


Organizations in which all team members feel connected and inspired to do their best requires deliberate action. Creativity breeds innovation and progress. Revolution Recovery uses creativity and authentic connection to work with your team to become true models of recovery with truly supportive collaboration across departments and methodologies, in the process creating a strong, resilient community in which everyone strives to do their best work. Our workshops are creative, unique, inspired, thoughtful and fun. They inspire enthusiastic engagement and integrated collaboration within the heart of your culture and throughout the entire Recovery-Oriented System of Care.

What's the Problem?

Particularly in the prevention, treatment and recovery field, team members come from all walks of life and may have very different views and approaches to the work at hand. We often talk about stigma as an external force - the stigma others have about people struggling with substance use or mental health challenges. But what about the stigma that exists within our own organizations? Internal stigma is just as prevalent and damaging. Misunderstanding other disciplines and roles is a chronic, destructive element that permeates recovery-oriented organizations. We’re often so loyal to our own discipline that we disparage others. For example, clinicians can display a lack of understanding of peer work and look down on peers as less educated, having an unsafe lack of boundaries, and at high risk of recurrence and other personal problems that affect their performance. Peers sometimes think of clinicians as cold, rigid, impersonal, and lacking a true understanding of the experience of being a person living with a behavioral health challenge. This can create a difficult situation for a person who is seeking support from multiple disciplines at the same agency. It also poses a challenge to the organization as a whole, leading to a lack of shared goals, low morale, distrust, and little or no collaboration across disciplines. 

So Whats the Solution?

Revolution Recovery provides highly interactive and experiential offerings that value creativity and authenticity and leave team members truly understanding their role as well as that of others, for greater continuity of care within the entire recovery ecosystem. They foster a strong sense of community, a shared purpose, and the resilience to carry your team through any storm. Team resilience is a collective skill that allows your team to respond to change and disruption in a positive, flexible way. Resilient teams maintain their productivity in the face of adversity, while minimizing the emotional toll on individual members. Flexibility, creativity, collaboration and adaptation can become a part of all of our cultural DNA.

Did you know that 79.5% of employees say that they are more likely to stay with, feel fulfilled, and be most productive at a company/organization that does regular team building events? In addition, organizations that promote collaboration and communication are 4.5 times less likely to lose their best employees, and team building can improve work ethic and innovation up to 10 times (Gallup, 2022).

Price: $150 per person

Credit Hours:

6 credit hours are available for each of the following:
Massachusetts CARC certification and recertification
New York CARC and CRPA certification and recertification
Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery RCP certification and recertification

Check our schedule for an upcoming class (offered through our partner organization, Choice Recovery Coaching) or book a class now for your organization

People in Park

At Recovery Revolution we encourage individuals to discover the relevance of new concepts and skills to their own practice impactful ways.

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