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Recovery Coach Academy for Young Adults

Training for Young Adults and Adults who care about Young People and seek to support them in any kind of role.

Recovery Coach Academy for Young Adults

Problematic substance use is growing among young people, particularly in the wake of COVID-19 and increasing Mental Health concerns. Teens and Young Adults are facing more and more challenges as they strive to learn healthy coping skills, build resilience, and identify and reach for their goals. Recovery Coaching offers a unique and powerful approach to treating young people as their own best resource and helping them find the motivation and identify the supports they need to make positive decisions that help them grow, thrive, and reach their full potential. This is a 30-hour class offered both in-person and virtually and is ideal for Young Adults and Adults who care about Young People and seek to support them in any kind of role.

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CCAR has developed the Recovery Coach Academy© for Young Adults to enhance the skills of those individuals who will be supporting Youth and Young Adults on their recovery journey or are Young Adults themselves. This is a 5-day intensive training academy focusing on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor and support anyone who would like to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Provided in a retreat-like environment, this training prepares participants by helping them to actively listen, ask really good questions, and discover and manage their own stuff. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide and mentor others through their own recovery process and is open to everyone – people in recovery, family members, friends and allies. Much like the journey of recovery, this training offers a transformational experience.

This course can be considered a substitute for CCAR’s original Recovery Coach Academy and provides the first 30 hours necessary for Certified Addiction Recovery Coach certification in Massachusetts. 


  • Describe the roles and functions of a recovery coach

  • List the fundamental principles of recovery coaching

  • Explore different definitions and pathways of recovery

  • Build communication skills to enhance relationships

  • Discover attitudes about self-disclosure & sharing your story

  • Understand the role of belief systems and values in the coaching relationship

  • Describe the different roles and applications for recovery coaching

  • Increase awareness of culture, power & privilege

  • Address ethical & boundary issues

  • Experience recovery wellness planning

  • Practice newly acquired skills

Credit Hours Provided:
30 hours for CARC certification in MA


Individual participants can register for one of our upcoming classes below:

Organizations interested in hosting an RCAYP training can inquire by sending an email to 

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Meghann Perry is a person in recovery who devotes her energy and gifts to helping individuals and organizations discover and share their stories - in their own voices - in meaningful, healing, and impactful ways.


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