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Infinite Pathways of Recovery

A new approach to supporting people in creating recovery pathways that are as unique as them

Countless Individuals.

Endless Definitions of Recovery.

Infinite Pathways to Support Them.


How individualized is your approach to recovery pathways? Our latest understanding of the concept of multiple pathways still leaves us offering a limited menu. We feel we’re satisfying the call for multiple pathways if we offer a handful more support groups and options beyond 12-step fellowship, and our recoveree or client chooses one from the list. But is a single pathway chosen from a menu truly offering individualized care? 

One pathway doesn’t always meet the full scope of individual needs throughout recovery, and established pathways don’t always fully honor and support individual values, beliefs, and identities. So how else can we help someone identify and obtain the various types of support they’ll need to initiate, sustain and grow recovery? 

People seeking recovery are incredibly resilient, often finding many of the strengths, skills and abilities they need to recover within their personal culture. The infinite number of threads found within the many individual cultures people belong to can be woven into tapestries that support wellness and help build unique pathways for individuals that align with the stages of their recovery. When we explore culture, identity, and community, we help ourselves and each other discover individual needs and the infinite pathways to meet them while transcending challenges, eliminating barriers to recovery and expanding personal and community wellness.


n this training, we’ll explore the impact culture has on an individual’s needs and strengths and how to identify the unique components each person needs to support their recovery. We’ll then learn how to help individuals seeking to grow or sustain their recovery identify the threads that can be woven together into a personal tapestry of pathways that best supports their wellness throughout their journey and the stages of recovery. This training is ideal for anyone whose role involves supporting those seeking, or in, recovery from problematic substance use and/or mental health challenges.   


  • Discover the specific components that encompass an individual’s needs for recovery support

  • Understand how culture can impact individuals’ recovery pathways; 

  • Discover where existing pathways meet individuals’ needs, or leave gaps;

  • Explore how to cultivate and design personal pathways for self and others;

  • Explore the stages of recovery in order to identify potential pathways; and

  • Practice implementing learned concepts in the creation of infinite pathways of recovery.

Price: $150 per person

Credit Hours:

  • 6 credit hours are available for each of the following:

  • Massachusetts CARC certification and recertification

  • New York CARC and CRPA certification and recertification

  • Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery RCP certification and recertification

  • Check our schedule for an upcoming class (offered through our partner organization, Choice Recovery Coaching) or book a class now for your organization

People in Park

At Recovery Revolution we encourage individuals to discover the relevance of new concepts and skills to their own practice impactful ways.

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