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ABOUT Meghann

"It's my greatest passion to help others find hope, healing, connection and empowerment, to lead healthier, happier lives, and to discover their inner resources and realize their dreams, through the power of recovery coaching, storytelling, and theater."

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There is always hope... 
"I felt hopeless most of my life, weighed down with depression and anxiety, and then drugs and alcohol. I was living a lifestyle I hated, and I couldn’t find my way out." 

"I spent over twenty years fighting Substance Use Disorder and cycling through jails, detoxes and homeless shelters. I experienced trauma, domestic violence, chronic homelessness, incarceration, disability, the loss of custody of a child, the loss of a parent, and much more along the way. I'd been told more than once in my journey that I would die from my addiction. About the only thing I did right was to keep trying."


"Today, I'm in long term recovery, with an amazing, beautiful life that I never thought I could have. It’s not perfect, but it’s so much more than I dreamed was possible."


My story about incarceration and recovery was on the WORLD Channel on national TV! Watch the episode of Stories From The Stage here..

My second article on Recovery Storytelling as a Creative Pathway has been published by CCAR: 

I'm honored to have won the 2020 Russ Wilson Essay Contest with a creative piece on "Recovery in Turbulent Times." Click and scroll down to "2020 Winners" to read it. 

A new piece I wrote about Recovery Storytelling - A Powerful Tool for Advocacy was released on CCAR's website. Check it out.

A recovery story I directed for the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery's Video Project is a finalist in the Four Corners Film FestivalBig thanks to CCAR for their production and support, and to Retrospective Films for their highly skilled cinematography and editing. 



May 19-Jul 7th: FREE Recovery Storytelling workshop series through Embark PCA; Weds from 7-9pm EST

July 9th, 2021: The Recovery Storytelling Grand Slam with CCAR! Join us to watch the eight winners from the season tell true, 5-minute stories to compete for two Grand Slam titles and $500 VISA gift cards! More info here. Audience members decide one of the winners, so come and hear great stories and vote for your favorite.

Registration is open for the next Recovery Storytelling Workshop in September! Info here.

Free Monthly Story Gatherings will resume in September. They happen the first Monday of every month, for anyone who loves the Recovery Storytelling space or wants to check it out for the first time. Click here for details and RSVP. 

Oct 27-29th, 2021: Recovery Storytelling will be featured at MPRC THE National Recovery Conference in Punta Gorda, FL. Details here.

I'm booking new workshops and events for Sep-Dec, 2021! Fill out a contact form on the Home Page or email Meghann: to learn how Recovery Storytelling can help your organization.

Media Library

Watch all of the CCAR Recovery Storytelling Videos here!

Listen to a recent Recovery Matters! Podcast where I speak with CCAR's Phil and Sandy Valentine about being creative in recovery and weaving a tapestry of recovery pathways.

Read CCAR Executive Director, Phil Valentine's, blog about Recovery Storytelling

Watch a recent interview about my storytelling work with composer and fellow playwright, Elizabeth Addison on her show, Chasing Beads

My story is featured in the 2015 CBS News documentary, "Faith, Hope, and the Burden of Addiction"

Check out this blog post by Calliese of Recovery Coach Academy UK on her experience with Recovery Storytelling.

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