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Social issues There is no sound on the local area network, thus making a LAN game as enjoyable as a multiplayer game. The game does not have a multiplayer function, and is not played with a LAN. Music The music is played during the start of the game as a special announcement. The same tune was also used in the Commodore Amiga version of the game. The soundtrack was composed by the Brazilian composer José Roberto Marques (JBM), mostly for a remix of that game. Also for this version, the music was arranged by the Brazilian musician and composer Paulo Sérgio Soares, for his studio Sérgio Soares Composições. External links Singles Triple Trouble at GameSpot Singles at Atari Mania Category:1999 video games Category:Atari Jaguar games Category:Atari Jaguar-only games Category:Business simulation games Category:Video games developed in Brazil Category:Video games set in the United StatesQ: Getting count of occurrences of values in mysql I am looking for the simplest way to get a count of occurrences of values from a varchar(20) column For example, I want to see the total number of each value from the query SELECT `validity` FROM `rule_sets` WHERE `name` = 'type1' and then separate that out into a list of just the values, with a number of occurrences of each. I am on 5.6.22 MySQL A: You can do this in a simple select statement: SELECT validity,count(*) as ct FROM rule_sets WHERE name='type1' GROUP BY validity I'm not sure what you mean by'separate it out into a list of values', but the query above will give you a column for each value and a column for the total number of times that value occurs. Q: Migrating from Immutable.js to Immutable.js I was looking for a best practice to convert Immutable.js to Immutable.js. I am using Immutable.js on React. The React component is updated once in a while, and I thought that I can use Immutable.js to get the current state and just update the state with the new value. So I tried to do something like this: var newVal



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