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Forest Trees


I’ve been in recovery from substance use disorder since 2011. I’m also in a recovery process from other things - grief, trauma, mental illness, and being differently-abled. Being active in my recovery is an incredibly important part of my life, and I’m grateful for how it challenges me to always seek, grow and learn.

We’re all recovering from something, and in that, there is hope. There is so much love, light, and beauty in the world. Sometimes we need help to see it. 


 My work is to help you do that.



Recovery Coaching is a strengths-based, one-on-one approach that promotes self-efficacy in achieving one's goals for recovery, health and wellness, empowering them to make positive choices for themselves. It assists with accessing resources, removing barriers, and building resilience.

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Meghann draws on her years of experience and hundreds of hours of training to facilitate and create curriculum for Recovery Coaches. She helps coaches grow and thrive in their practice through dynamic, significant learning experiences. In addition to her other certifications, Meghann is a Group Peer Support trauma-informed practices trained facilitator.


CCAR is the national leader in Recovery Coach Training. Meghann is certified to facilitate all of the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery’s Recovery Coach courses. She is also a New York State Certified Trainer of Recovery Coaching.


Meghann is the only US-based Recovery Coach Academy UK facilitator and trainer, and is the only international Continuing Professional Development-certified trainer in Recovery Coaching, facilitating CCAR courses for Recovery Coaching participants across the globe.


In addition to facilitating many of Choice Recovery Coaching's extensive catalog of Recovery Coach trainings, Meghann also co-creates original curriculum with Choice's Director, Paul Alves, including Infinite Pathways of Recovery and the upcoming Storytelling for Recovery Coaches.


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