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Recovery Workforce Training

Innovative, Actionable Training for the Recovery Workforce

The field of Addiction Recovery Treatment and Support is ever-changing and growing with new roles, concepts, and practices being introduced all the time. In order to provide the best possible care and support to those we serve, our workforce must continue to develop and evolve with new experiences, skill sets and learning opportunities. Innovative and relevant training is critical to this growth.

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Designing learning experiences and training that allows individuals and communities to grow, heal, and thrive. 

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Recovery Coach Academy for Young Adults

A powerful, proven approach to addressing problematic substance use in young people


Staff Training , Program Design and Implementation

Supporting Organisation Growth, Resilience, Empathy and Learning with custom training, workshops and course facilitation.


Embodied Narrative Practice

A blend of Storytelling and Theatre with Recovery Coaching, designed to support Social-Emotional Learning for Group Work in Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Support


Infinite Pathways of Recovery

A new approach to identifying a tapestry of pathways that support recovery

  • We honor the wealth of experience, knowledge and skill individuals bring to the learning process


  • We encourage individuals to discover the relevance of new concepts and skills to their own practice

  • We believe individuals benefit most from actionable learning that can be immediately applied to their work

  • We respect that individuals have their own unique learning styles and we strive to provide experiences that work for everyone

  • We believe that the best approaches emerge from a knowledge of evidence-based practice blended with innovation, creativity, and real-world experience

For custom group facilitation and staff training opportunities please contact us to discuss your goals:


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