Recovery Storytelling

Storytelling connects, empowers and heals people and their communities! 



              Recovery Storytelling combines the art form of personal narrative storytelling with the goals of recovery messaging and advocacy to help anyone impacted by substance use disorder, families, loved ones and allies, to create compelling, powerful stories with deep impact and universal appeal.


              The workshop process blends recovery coaching techniques and performing arts in a unique blend for a learning experience that brings participants healing, hope, empowerment, and a deeper connection to a wider community. It allows people to bring their stories to life in a whole new way. It’s fun, creative, energetic, and collaborative.


              The full workshop is eight hours, most often broken into two sessions. It is also now available as a six-hour virtual course!

             Though originally designed for people in recovery and allies, it has since been taught in a variety of settings, and the course can be tailored to fit the needs of anyone seeking a powerful voice.

MPRC: THE National Recovery Conference, 2019

Recovery Storytelling has been taught countless times in four states and to over 300 people. It was a huge hit at CCAR's MPRC: THE National Recovery Conference, in Punta Gorda, FL, in 2019. It will be back at the conference with a prominent spot in 2020! 

"This workshop has changed my life. I knew I liked telling my story in meetings, but had no idea how to take recovery messaging out of the rooms. Andrea Lovett and Meghann Perry’s workshop taught me how to do it-and be ENTERTAINING at the same time. I recommend this cool art form to anyone!"  


-- Amanda, Phoenix Tales storyteller

Check out Joe Neikirk, performing a story he created in his first Recovery Storytelling workshop in 2017:

The Recovery Storytelling curriculum provides participants with:
--Storytelling skills that can be applied in many ways in the future
--Information about the recovery movement, recovery advocacy, and how to incorporate positive recovery messaging into their stories
--An understanding of how stories can have a great impact on a wide range of listeners
--A powerful, 3-5 minute story of their own that offers the hope of recovery and can be told in almost any setting, like coalition meetings, story slams, open mic nights, legislative briefings, community events, and more.  

Hear a story below about my struggle to feel like a mother, as part of the Moving Stories live show before a sold-out crowd at the Dance Complex in 2017

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