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There is always hope. 


I didn’t used to believe that. I felt hopeless most of my life, weighed down with depression and anxiety, and then drugs and alcohol. I was living a lifestyle I hated, and I couldn’t find my way out. 


Today I'm a person in long term recovery. I spent over twenty years fighting a Substance Use Disorder and bouncing in and out of jails, detoxes and homeless shelters. I'd been told more than once in my journey that I would die from my addiction. But I never gave up hope and I never stopped trying. And it's that spark of hope, along with faith, love, friendship, commitment, hard work and creativity, that ultimately helped me find recovery and change my life. 


Now that I’ve been given this new life, it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly beautiful it is. And I want other people like myself to experience it, to see the light in the darkness, to realize that everything they need is right there for them, and that they, too, can recover from whatever it is they've struggled with and live a better life. Through recovery coaching, theater and storytelling, I help others find hope and healing.

Recovery Storytelling Group At Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery May 2019

The Power of Stories


Connecting, empowering, and healing.

Storytelling has long been a way of transforming how we see ourselves, other people, and the world. I've seen amazing things happen as people who have been disempowered in their lives are able to find their voice through the art and experience of storytelling, and then go on to use it to help themselves, and others. I love working with those impacted by addiction, incarceration, trauma and loss, to help bring light into the dark places of their past and let their triumphs and successes - in spite of their challenges - shine through the brightest. Through storytelling we celebrate the ability of the human spirit to overcome, survive, and thrive. 

Helping People and Families Recover

Substance Use Disorder is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Recovery coaching approaches the disease of addiction in a holistic manner, recognizing that the disorder is complex and affects all aspects of our being. 


A good recovery coach can help you find the pathway that's right for you, and support you in creating a strong foundation for lifelong recovery.The comprehensive approach that coaching offers is unlike more traditional modalities and is designed to compliment them, not replace them. Coaching is like the hub of a wheel, keeping the spokes connected and in line with each other.


The family is just as important as the person with substance use disorder. You have a recovery path, too. Guidance in making decisions around how to help your loved one and how to care for yourself can help you feel supported and grounded. 

The first time I shared some of my experience publicly, I realized the power of my voice when I speak with authenticity and vulnerability - it opens hearts and minds to new perspectives. Using my skills as a storyteller and public speaker, I have been invited to share on many issues, including substance use disorder, recovery, mass incarceration, neonatal abstinence syndrome, and the use of creative workshops for community building and healing. I've spoken at the MA State House, Wellesley College, Harvard Law School, Women Recover Conference, No Wrong Door to Recovery, Beyond NAS, and many more.                                                                         Find out more...

With Families For Justice As Healing, Testifying at the MA State House for Primary Caretakers Legislation in 2017

Calendar Dates

Jan 27-29th, 2020: Recovery Storytelling workshops at Recovery is Happening in Rochester, MN. 

Feb 28th, 2020: Facilitating two theater workshops for youth at the Hyannis Boys and Girls Club as part of the Creative Outlets program, using art as a prevention tool.  

Mar 6-10th, 2020: Facilitating CCAR's Recovery Coach Academy in Naperville, IL, alongside Amy Burrows of Recovery One on One. Registration link:

April 5th, 2020: Leading a workshop on The Art of Creating Safe Space for adolescents at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, as part of the amazing program Creative Outlets, who uses art as a tool for prevention. Find out more at

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